5 reasons I came to the Netherlands


For my aspiration, working and living abroad

I am longing to work and live outside Japan.
When I was 19 years old, I travelled around the world by ship, visited 20 countries. Although it was my first time to go abroad, I was so impressed by this experience. Until up then I’ve never thought I would live outside Japan.

I had also yearning for college senior, Yokichi Koga who is CEO of Drivemode in Silicon Valley. When I was a university student I found his column in college free paper. At that time, he was the first person in our university who could get the ticket to Harvard University. From his column, I felt the enjoyment of learning, working and living abroad.

Easy to get a visa

Around 2015, one Japanese Web Media reported “Japanese people can get a freelance visa comparatively easy in the Netherlands because of the special treaty”. Between The Netherlands and Japan there have been trading for hundreds of years.
After reading this article, I have started researching about the Netherlands and it seemed that the Netherlands is a really nice country.

I came to the Netherlands for preliminary inspection in 2016, I had been greatly attracted to the beautiful cityscape, the cats walking around peacefully, and kendo dojos! I came to decide to live here. The orange juice machine which was placed in Albert Heijn was also attracted to me.

Learning way of thinking both working and personal life

According to this book, the nature of the Japanese was completely opposite to the Dutch people.
It was also said that Dutch people rarely work after the closing time. Japanese people really care about getting late but don’t pay much attention to overtime working although some companies don’t pay overtime money.
When I worked for a Japanese company, I sometimes left home at 8 o’clock in the morning and went back home around 1 o’clock in mid night.
There are also a lot of dive suicides. Some people commit suicide by commuting in the morning. I think it is a really sad situation.
So in the Netherlands, I would like to learn the way of thinking and how they work.

Improving my English skill

Improving my English skill is one of my goals. I have never studied abroad, and I don’t have much opportunity to speak English in Japan. I thought it would be great opportunity to speak English by moving to the Netherlands.

Getting inspiration to start company in the future

I have a dream that one day in the future I will start company. Before I begin this challenge I have a lot of decisions to make, from which country to setup in, to what type of company to create and how it will contribute to society. Living in the Netherlands has opened my eyes to new ideas and experiences that are different from my family home in Japan. These experiences will be beneficial to realizing my dream.

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