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My name is Mariko Sato. I was born and raised in Yokohama, one of the nicest areas of Japan. Up until my 31st year on this world I had never lived outside of Japan for long. However, ever since I can remember I have always dreamt of working and living in other parts of the world. 2 years ago, I decided to follow up on that dream and moved to the Netherlands.
For the past 10 years I have led a busy life, working long days at various IT companies in Japan. In the Netherlands I want to learn about a different way of life and working culture.

About Me

Name : Mariko Sato
Occupation : Writer / Online marketer
Date of Birth : 5th of August, 1985

Job history

  • 2015 – freelance writer and online marketer
  • 2014 Jan-2015 May : Rakuten (Marketing)
  • 2012 May-2013 Dec : Nikkei Sangyo Ad agency (Advertisement Sales)
  • 2010 May-2012 May : FICC (Project management)
  • 2008 Apr-2009 Jun : Hayakawa (Marketing)


TOEIC 880 / Kendo 5th Dan


  • Writing: Japanese culture
  • Online Marketing : Making web site / managing SNS
  • Illustration

Things to do in the Netherlands

  1. The way of thinking of Dutch and Japanese people is said to be very different, especially regarding the balance between work and personal life. Currently, Japanese society is reconsidering their approach to working culture. I would like to learn the values and working style of Dutch people, and then deliver these experiences to Japanese people through articles. It would make me happy if I can inspire someone with my information.
  2. I also have 20 years of experience in Kendo, one of the most popular traditional Japanese arts. Although I am still only a fifth dan in Kendo, I really want to contribute to expand this martial arts and promote friendship with Kendo-ka all over the world. I am currently engaged in two projects, managing “Kendo Jidai International” and “Hagakurey”.